Brij Gaj Kesri

    Bikaner, Hotel

Brij Gaj Kesri

Bikaner, Hotel

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Brij Gaj Kesri is a modern-day manor house that spans 16 acres and is a testament to the Marwari patronage of art and architecture. Each kingdom in Rajasthan boasts of a unique aesthetic and Brij Gaj Kesri showcases the late-19th-early-20th century Bikaneri Rajput style. The hotel is a harmonious amalgamation of European influences along with local redstone, traditional jaali work and jharokhas that have been lovingly rescued from ruins and restored to their original glory. The Hotel is also home to an impressive permanent exhibition that features contemporary art and artefacts. The property is built on five levels, which include sprawling gardens, three beautiful drawing rooms, a courtyard, Polki - our on-site vegetarian restaurant, Coffee & Co. - a cafe, and a luxurious pool on the topmost level, an intimate space conducive to holding romantic dinners and private parties.

Main building

The main building has 24 rooms, which have been decorated in a glorious art deco style with traditional fine pieces.

Karni Villas

Karni Vilas, located at the southernmost part of the estate has 7 spacious suites, with large bathrooms, built around a courtyard.

Mohini Mahal

Mohini Mahal has 10 eclectic rooms, furnished in a contemporary style to provide a tranquil and serene space.


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