Raj Bagh Palace

    Jaipur, Hotel

Raj Bagh Palace

Jaipur, Hotel

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Nested amongst the ARAVALI hills, situated on old Delhi Road before Delhi Gate built by King Bhamal of Amer for welcome of Badshah Akbar,

 RAJBAGH Palace is a one of its kind art. Inspired by the palaces of Jaipur, the resort is a perfect blend of traditional design and modern elements. The resort has 60 luxurious rooms with amenities to comfort your stay. 

Embracing the local flavours, we also have an array of food & beverage with the world-wide cuisine.

RAJBAGH Palace is situated close to the tourist attractions including Aravalli Range of hills with a breath-taking view of Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, 

Nahargarh Fort and a lot more places of tourist interest in Jaipur.

RAJBAGH Palace hotel has an inviting ambience and is one of the dignified hotels located in Amer.

The RAJBAGH Palace creates a wow factor for its guests making it an unmissable experience. Known to be the best build Heritage look resort in Jaipur, 

this royal edifice is set in the foothills of Aravalli range, giving you a breath-taking view as far as your eyes can look. A royal escapade in the pink city 

gives every bit of your stay-cation a feel of royalty soaked in luxury. Explore the city and its rich heritage while you stay at one of the best heritages look 

resort in Jaipur.

Food & ambience at RAJBAGH

Enjoy authentic Rajasthani flavours and appetizing dishes at our very own restaurant including a day start with scrumptious buffet breakfast.

The pink city of Jaipur, as the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan is commonly known, symbolizes the royalty of its rich traditions. 

Romanticize with the city because of its wonderful experiences that are beyond interpretation. Make your dream come true by celebrating “Wedding of your dreams” 

having included a majestic palace background with hints of royalty and old-world charm.

Room & accommodation

With the touch of the attractive Aravalli Hills, we welcome you to RAJBAGH Palace for a unique accommodation experience with comfortable and premium stay. 

The RAJBAGH Palace team is committed to providing great comfort to its guests.


Wedding lawns & indoor venues at RAJBAGH Palace are of the most unique provisions to applaud your lifetime memories, corporate event and team building activities.

Weddings at RAJBAGH Palace

Dream weddings don’t just happen, they are planned. At our Palace meet qualified team to design weddings of all types. This includes setting an event budget, deciding 

upon menu, finding a perfect wedding planner, photographer with array of entertainment activities. Host grand gala dinners with cocktail parties and treat your wedding guests

 with an array of cuisines and curated menus for your special day.

UNESCO World Heritage sites of Rajasthan

AMBER FORT (pronounced Amer)

The palace, located in craggy hills, is a beautiful melange of Hindu and Mughal styles. 

Raja Man Singh I began construction in 1592 and the palace, which was built as a strong, safe haven against attacking enemies, was completed by Mirja Raja Jai Singh. 

The contrast between the harsh exterior and the inviting interior couldn’t be more surprising. Made entirely of red sandstone and white marble, visitors are left 

spellbound by the magnificence of the palace that utilises carvings, precious stones and mirrors.


Nahargarh Fort sits proudly on a ridge of the Aravalli Hills, creating an impressive northern backdrop to the city of Jaipur. 

It was constructed during the reign of Jai Singh in 1734, and was later expanded in 1868. Nahargarh, which means abode of tigers, was a formidable barrier,

 defending Jaipur against attacking enemies. Within its walls, the fort houses Madhavendra Bhawan, the summer destination for the members of the royal family.

 Built by Sawai Madho Singh, the palace has 12 matching boudoirs for the queens, at the head of which is a suite for the king. Even today the palace is a favoured

 spot for local picnickers. The fort looks brilliant when floodlit at night. Overlooking the city, it presents a glittering view of the city lights.


Jaigarh Fort was built by Sawai Jai Singh II sometime in the early 18th century amidst the arid, rocky and thorn-scrub covered hills. Despite its ancient

 construction, it still retains most of its imposing citadel appearance. Visitors can see the world’s largest cannon – Jaiban, at the fort.

Panna Meena Ka Kund

Panna Meena ka Kund has a unique architectural style. However, the most fantastic part about this location is that the steps used to descend cannot take you back up. 

The rationale of these methods would be difficult to understand if you are new to the area. On the other hand, local people have adapted to this place and know how to

use these steps.

Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer

Jagat Shiromani is a Hindu temple situated in Amer, India. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu gods Meera bai, Krishna and Vishnu. It was constructed between 1599 

and 1608 AD by Queen Kanakwati, who was the wife of King Man Singh I The temple was built in the memory of their son Jagat Singh.


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